21Online Login – Step by Step to Login to Century 21

Working for a real estate company is a dream for many people. They love the fact that this line of work is very dynamic. You can channel your creativity in here. In addition to that, it is also quite lucrative. Century 21 is among the most renowned real estate companies in the country. It has many professional workers in its staff. A platform called C21online login is established by the company in order to manage the various business practices in the company.

Every single real estate agent of this company (or the aspiring one) should own an account in that online platform. The portal is going to help you performing your job. You can reach out to customers as well as managing HR related issues promptly.

The Story of Century 21

This company was established back in 1921. New Jersey was its first base (it still maintains its headquarter office in Parsippany, New Jersey). The agent service business was not introduced until 1977, though. This business line continues to grow to become what it is like in current era. So many things have changed since its first establishment.

Today, Century 21 operates under Realogy flagship. This real estate company is no longer US-based anymore. It has established more than 9,000 offices in 80 countries around the world. There are more or less 127,000 agents employed by the company. Since it promoted real estate products through online modes, Century 21 created its own website for promotional activities. Thus, every agent must register for an account in the website to market various real estate products offered by the company. Through this portal, the company also provides encouragement to its agents so that they can improve their capacity.

Century 21onlne login is an account that you have to create in order to process many kinds of HR activities, in addition to daily tasks as real estate agent. Even if you are still planning to apply as an agent for this company, you will be asked to create an account there too. The next sections will discuss things that are related to this particular topic.

Becoming Agent for Century 21

Century 21 recognizes the importance of internet in shaping human behavior. It understands that internet changes the layout of real estate industry. These days, real estate products are no longer sold door to door or promoted through conventional media. Consumers and agents can now meet online in order to discuss numerous product offers.

Many people are not so keen about real estate companies. They feel like these companies cannot be trusted. If you wish to change people’s mind about this industry, why don’t you try to become an agent for this company? Here are several easy steps to apply for a job as real estate agent at Century 21.

  1. Accessing the company’s website

The first step that you need to do is accessing the company’s main website. To make the process easier, you should ensure that you have stable connection to the internet. Your browser and device should be updated too. The address for its website is https://www.century21.com.

  1. Go to business profile on the website

Once you have accessed the website, you can search for business profile on its home page. By clicking that link, you will get brief information about the line of business that this company is doing. That includes the main activities and business philosophy.

  1. Looking for menu named “Careers”

When you are already in business profile page, you can scan down the cursor until you find a menu called “Careers”. In this menu, you will be able to see the list of job openings in the company. Job descriptions about each career path are provided in the menu as well. Click on your choice and you will be directed to registration page.

  1. Write down personal information

Write down your personal information onto the available bars. Before doing that, you must choose a location that is not far from your residential area. The following list informs you what information you must fill into the page.

  • First and last name (make sure that there is no typo)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • ZIP code and mailing address
  • Proof of having state license as real estate agent
  1. Accessing registered email

After completing the previous step, you can head to your registered email address. There, you will find an automated email from the website that contains login credentials (username and password). Those credentials would be used to access your Century 21online login account.

How to Login to Your Account for the First Time?

Do you want to access your account but not really knowing how? Accessing this portal for the first time is quite complicated since you will be required to perform some setups. The following steps would provide you clear explanation on how to do it.

  • Accessing the portal at https://www.21online.com
  • Filling in username as written in the automated email.
  • Filling in temporary password given by the system (you can change it later)
  • Choose “Sign in” to access your account.
  • Setup security questions for cases when you have problem in accessing account in the future.
  • You can finally use features offered in the portal.

Fixing Login Issue in the Platform

What if you cannot login to your account? Some people encounter this problem due to several reasons. It might be due to technical reasons, such as website maintenance and bad internet connection. However, if the reason is due to user forgetting login credentials, you can solve it on your own using the following steps.

  • Accessing the portal at https://www.21online.com
  • Click on “Forget Password”
  • Type in your registered username
  • Choose the security question then provide the right answer
  • Type in registered email address
  • You will receive a temporary password to login to your account

Features Available in the Platform

How can this platform help you to be more efficient real estate agent? There are various features that are packed into it. This list provides information about those features.

  1. Information About Real Estate Business

Real estate market changes constantly. As a player in the business, you should never miss out any update that is happening within this industry. This portal provides you with the latest information about market change.

  1. Notification for Every Update

If you are not an organized person, you will have difficult time being a real estate agent. Keeping track with every update in your business is not easy. Luckily, the portal will give you notification when something happens so you will not miss a thing.

  1. Setting Up Tools and Modules

There are plenty of tools that you can use in order to enhance your service as well as knowledge as real estate worker. You will be able to setup various tools and modules into your account in order to make your daily tasks easier to manage.

  1. Attracting More Consumers

Agent gets bigger chance of meeting consumers within their area in this portal. This is easy since agent does not need to walk around their neighborhood to promote their products like in the past anymore. Everything can be conveniently done through the internet.

Contact Information of Century 21

If you want to contact the company, you can use conventional methods. The company can be contacted through phone number at (877) 221-265 during work days. You can also send letters to its mailing address at Madison, New Jersey. Social media accounts can also be used to get in touch with its customer service. However, if you already own a C21online login account, you can use your account to establish contact instead.