Acellus Student Login – How to Access Acellus Academy Student

Homeschooling becomes alternative program in education. It has flexibility in learning process as it does not require students to come to the school and have the class activities. Related to this program, Acellus is one of institutions to choose. Just by accessing Acellus login, the learning programs are ready to access.

Things to Know about the Login Portal of Acellus Student

As what is mentioned above, the login portal becomes the main access for kids to join the program. It is like the entrance gate of this platform. By logging in at the portal, kids will be registered as students, and they will get the full access to various courses and learning media provided by Acellus.

The portal is not only for students, but it is also dedicated for both students and their parents. Students will get the access for all learning processes. Then, parents can have access to monitor and supervise the whole processes.

All of these benefits are available in the By accessing the website, parents, students, and all teachers can make an account. Each account will have different interface depending on the status of account’s owner. To give easier interface and better experience, the platform is available in mobile app. This is very convenient to use and surely gives new experiences of taking homeschooling program.

Benefits of Learning in Acellus Academy

Of course, easy access and interesting portal are not the only points offered by Acellus. This academy provides plenty of benefits. Since 2013, Acellus has developed the portal, so students, parents, and teachers can gain satisfactions.  These are some benefits that can be gained.

  1. Student can experience learning process independently

In classroom activities, students usually depend on the other students. In some aspects, it has bad impacts since students cannot be dependent and cannot fully develop their skills and knowledge. By using Acellus portal, each student will have experiences to study independently.

  1. Parents can easily supervise and evaluate their kid’s development

Parent can make account and login into the portal. By using this access, they will get all reports of their kids’ learning process. All progresses and developments are reported in good and comprehensive ways. Even, it is not necessary to ask the teachers since the reports are clear enough to give the information.

  1. Parents can save the reports

For all reports in portal, parents can easily save them into files. It means they do not need to take note personally. The data is saved and even report books can be obtained. It becomes so useful when parents want to discuss the results with their kids or consult them with other people.

  1. Students can get materials in a form of videos

Various materials are available in the portal. Some of them are in form of videos. It will be more useful for students since the videos are easy to understand compared to the texts in books. Teachers can also make the media and upload them, so students can access the media for learning process.

  1. Students obtain the latest and most suitable lessons and courses

Students will get the courses based on their level. Acellus will conduct a test, and this is to determine the ability of student. Based on the result, suitable courses will be provided. It is more effective since each student will get specific materials and lessons based on their level of abilities.

  1. Acellus provides suitable curriculum

Regarding the lessons and courses, Acellus develops them based on K-12 curriculum. This is the most suitable curriculum to prepare students. Therefore, they will be ready for careers, especially in the technical fields.

  1. The portal supports all browsers

Acellus provides app that’s also possible to access from web. The good point is that all browsers are compatible for the portal. It will give good benefits since each person can have different preference in term of browsers.

These benefits are provided by Acellus, so there is no obstacle for learning process. Therefore, students can get the best experiences in learning, while parents have easier access to monitor their kids even when they are busy with their jobs. This one becomes the win-win solution in obtaining education.

Process to Sign Up in the Homeschooling Program

It is easy to sign up the program. Well, this program is available for all counties, so there is no obstacle in term of locations. The learning process is conducted online. Therefore, it is not necessary to have direct meeting for the whole processes and activities.

Regarding the payment, Acellus provides two options. First, parents can pay monthly. It costs $25 for each student. Secondly, they can choose the single payment. It is $250 per year for a student. Of course, this is quite affordable for all accesses and benefits to gain. Moreover, there are some reasons to take the program.

  • Each student can have allocation of six courses.
  • The lessons are based on the concept of K-12.
  • Students will not find difficulties since materials are in from of videos.
  • The learning process is flexible and fully independent to boost student’s acquisition.
  • There is automatic grading system.
  • Parents can get the student’s record.
  • There is Placement Test for each registered student.

After knowing these benefits, of course there are big reasons to sign up the programs. The process is easy and they only need to follow these steps.

  1. Visit

This is the official website to access login portal. Once the page is opened, parent can sign up and there is button for this. After that, a registration page will appear and parent can complete the whole form in the page.

  1. Download Acellus App

There is Acellus app to download. It is helpful since it also provides access in case parents still have questions to ask.

  1. Access the payment

After that, parents can start the payment process. The page already provides the information and steps to follow. It will not be too difficult since there are some methods of payment to choose.

  1. Make account

After the payment process, parents and their kid can make account and register in the portal. The login portal will provide different access for the login process to avoid the wrong access.

Accessing the Customer Services

The last part is about customer services. Acellus provides some accesses for this. Parents can choose the most suitable option for them.

  1. Phone number

To call the customer service, there are two numbers. First, it is the toll-free and the number is 866-684-6127. The second number is international call in 816-235-3800.

  1. Social media of Acellus Academy

Acellus also has social media platform in form of Facebook account. It can be found in @acellus. Parents can access the chat service in this platform in case they have some questions.

  1. Mailing address

Parents may also send the questions and even complaints by using mails. They can send letter to this address.

11020 N Ambassador Drive, Suite 120.

Kansas City, Missouri 64153.

Those are some important points to know regarding homeschooling program in Acellus. Parents can gain many benefits and they can trust this program. All kids will gain better understanding through the effective and efficient learning process. All things can be started from Acellus Student Login, and then the learning process can be started.