American Military University Login Tutorial

American Military University login is important for students who are currently having their study done there. The university, commonly known as AMU, is an institution under the establishment of APU or American Public University. In AMU, students can experience the online learning system. Therefore, basically they do not have to attend a real class and can get their degree by doing online courses.

Since everything is done online and relying on the internet, there is no doubt that every single student has to be able to accessAMU login page. Without accessing this page, they won’t be able to follow the online courses as well as doing other college-related things. That’s why understanding the full information about the login method to the university’s official website is essential.

For those who are quite new to AMU student login page, down below there will be a full explanation about the step-by-step method to login to the page. Also, there will be several other tutorials related to troubleshooting that may be useful when you cannot get access to the page. Several methods to contact the university will also get explained down below.

Signing into American Military University Login

The most important thing students of AMU do in daily basis is signing into the AMU website. The website is accessible both by using PC and by mobile phone app. Whether you use PC or mobile phone, the tutorial to signing into the AMU page will be explained down below. Choose which method is more preferable for you.

  1. Using a PC

Using a Personal Computer (PC) or laptop is the one student tends to choose. They like to follow online courses using PC because everything will be bigger in display and visually easier to understand. To sign into AMU login page using PC, here are the steps:

  • Open APU Login Website

The first thing that you will have to do is open the APU login website. The address is and this website is developed by the American Public University System or APUS.

  • Select “Login”

Once you have opened the page, select the button “Login” located on the top right corner of the page. When the button is clicked, you will be directed to the login box where you are expected to input your information.

  • Enter Student ID and Password

Now, enter the student ID and the password that you have to get into the website. The student ID should be created and given to you when you are enrolling to the university. The password can be setup after that.

  1. Using a Mobile Phone

In these modern days, everyone has a smart phone. The gadget is easier to handle and simpler to use as well, compared to a PC or laptop. APU has established an app to ease the online courses for mobile phone users. The app is available for both Android users and iOS users. Follow these steps to complete the signing using this mobile app.

  • Download and Open APUS App

Go to the PlayStore or AppStore on the mobile store. Then, search for “APUS App”. Download and install the app to the phone. When it is done, open the app.

  • Input Student ID and Password

During the first-time login, provide your student ID and password. Make sure they are the correct ones to avoid errors.

  • Select “Remember Me” and “Login”

Check the box “Remember Me” and then press “Login”. After this, you do not have to input the login information again everytime you want to open the app.

Troubleshooting Login Problems

  1. Forgetting AMU Student ID

If you forget your AMU student ID, which is a very reckless thing to do, you can recover the student ID by accessing American Public University login page. From that page, the information about the ID will be displayed as long as you can provide the needed information. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to recover your ID.

  • Open AMU Login Page

Like usual, go to and open the login page. Then, go to the login box under “Student”.

  • Select “Forgot ID”

Beneath the spaces to input the student ID and password, there is this “Forgot ID” button. Click it.

  • Complete the Needed Information

To recover the student ID, you will have to provide information, including the date of birth and the social security number of yours. Complete the tasks and then the student ID will be shown.

  1. Resetting AMU Password

Just in case you forget your password and cannot login into the page, you can reset it using the AMU login page as well. These are several steps that you will have to complete in order to reset the forgotten password.

  • Open AMU Login Page

Just like recovering the student ID, start the password resetting process by visiting the AMU login page.

  • Select “Forgot Password”

On the login box, there are options of “Forgot ID” and “Forgot Password”. Select the later.

  • Fill in the Form to Reset Password

There will be form displayed on the screen. Fill it correctly to reset your password. In the form, you need to provide personal information as well, including the SSN and date of birth as well.

Requesting Information about American Military University

If you need to ask any question about American Military University, thankfully you can easily do that by accessing the APUS login page. On the page, there will be sections for you to submit the question and you will get the answers later on, most possibly via email reply. Here are the steps that you can take to request for the information.

  1. Visit AMU Website

Go to to start the inquiry.

  1. Select “Request Info”

On the top left corner, notice the button “Apply Now”. Next to the button is another button labeled “Request Info”. Click this “Request Info” button.

  1. Fill in the Form to Inquire

A form will be displayed on the screen. Complete the form, including on the questions of program of interest and personal information such as email and phone number.

  1. Click “Submit” Button

Last but not least, click the “Submit” button to send the form and your questions to the AMU officials.

Contacting American Military University

When you are in need to make any contact with American Military University, you can reach them in many ways. The university is contactable via all methods, starting from the old-fashioned post letter to the modern live chat. Here is the full explanation about how to contact AMU.

  1. Using Postmail

You can send letter to the university. Simply mail the letter via post to 111 W Congress Street Charles Town, Virginia 25414.

  1. Using Phone

If you want to call the university by phone, the number to call is 877 755 2787. The number is contactable Monday to Friday, on 8 AM to 5 PM.

  1. Using Email

When you prefer sending email, send the mail to and you will get the reply in several days.

  1. Using Live Chat

For faster response, use the live chat feature on the AMU page. Go to the page and look at the top part of it. Notice the button “Chat”. Click it to start the live chat.

Those are the explanations about login to the website of AMU. Now that everything is explained, you do not have to worry about being unable to get to the website and follow the online courses. However, if everything has been tried and you still get no access to the site, make sure to contact the staff of AMU then ask their hand to help you doing the proper American Military University student login.