Corrlinks Login – Tutorial to Access CorrLinks Inmate Email login

Communicating with people in different place is easy to do. Technology has made things much easier. Even, now making phone call and video call is a simple thing. Many devices, apps, and other facilities can help you. Now, it is easy to communicate with people in prisons as well. In case you have relative or friends who become inmate, Corrlink is the access to help you. You only need to access Corrlinks email login, and the location or distance will not be big problem to text the inmate.

Things to Know about Corrlink

Corrlink is a nice innovation to maintain communication with inmate. Previously, people can only visit and this must depend on the schedule and available time. Some people also use letters to send message. Of course, these two methods are not effective since it will always require people and the inmate to wait. Even, it can take around a week to get the chance.

Fortunately, Corrlink is developed. This is helpful technology for the inmates and their families or relatives. With this platform, sending message is as easy as sending email. However, it is not similar to common email platforms because it is facilitated and supported by the prisons. This platform is also legal, so there is no problem.

In accessing the message in Corrlink, later the inmate has to get the charges. They must pay for the access. However, it is not pricy, so it will not become big burdens for both family and the inmate. Then, the text can be printed or made into conversation. Even if they have to pay, it is still useful access to have.

Things Needed to Access the Corrlink

After knowing its function, you may find this is the good access and platform of communication. It is effective and fully easy to use. In case you want to gain the access to Corrlink, firstly you need to have the access of login.

In order to open the website and login into the platform, there are some media to use. First, you can use computer or laptop. In case you want something easier and faster, you may open the website from your smartphone. Lastly, Corrlink has mobile app. Besides the devices, these are the other things needed to access Corrlink.

  1. Internet connection

The service of Corrlink requires internet connection. It is not only to open the website and login into the account, but the internet connection is also needed for the whole process in operating the platform because it is internet-based platform.

  1. Email address

You need email address. This must be valid and active. It becomes the requirement since some confirmations will be sent to the email. Verifications and other access need the email as well. Moreover, this is useful in case you forget the password as later the link to reset the password will be sent to your email.

  1. Invitation code

Invitation code becomes the last requirement. Unless you have the code, you will not be able to access Corrlink. In this case, the inmate sends the code. Later, you need the code, and it is to insert in the process of registration.

Creating Account of Corrlink Platform

As the requirements that you must prepare, the process of making account is not difficult. It will not take much time until you get the account, and it is available to access the features and other accesses in portal. Moreover, what you need to do is to open the website and fill the registration form. For the details, these are the steps.

  1. Visit the website

Before you get the account for Corrlinks email login, you have to visit the website at You may also use the search engine and type the keyword of “corrlink login”. Later, you will get the link in its suggestion of search results.

  1. Start the registration

You can find the register button in the website. It is visible and easy to find. Once you click the button, you will be directed to new page with registration form. It is clear that the next step is to fill the form and complete the details.

It is very important to check what you have inserted in the form. Before submitting the form, it is important to review the details you have typed. It is to make sure that there is no error.

Accessing Login Page of Corrlink

When you have done with the registration process and you have verified your account, it is time to access the login page. Since your account is active, you are able to access login. The login page is also in the main page of Corrlink website, so it is not difficult to find. The process of login is also easy.

Moreover, the login access is available in the main page of website, and you can choose it. Then, you will find some columns in the browser. The columns are for your email address and password. Once you finish in inserting the email, password and click the login button, you will enter the portal.

Steps of Sending Message in Corrlink Portal

This is the main part of Corrlink portal. It is about the access and feature to send message. It is very easy to use. Even, those who access the portal for the first time will not get big difficulty in access the feature. However, in case you still need the steps, these can be useful for you.

  • Click the mailbox button. Once you login successfully, you will get the button in the interface of your app or browser. After that, click and follow the next step.
  • Click “New Message”. It is the only option to have when it is for your first time. You have no message yet, so you cannot reply or use the existing messages as kind of conversation.
  • Select the recipient of your message. It is like inserting the contact when you are going to send email. When you have no contact yet, just insert some recipients into your portal.
  • Type your message. This is the main part. As common emails, there is column for text subject, so you can fill the information. For the text, its limit is 13,000 characters.
  • After that, you only need to send the message.

Benefits of using Corrlink App

Instead of accessing login, using app is easier to do. Although you still need login, you can get some good benefits. At least, you will get easier access of portal, and you do not need to login every time you open the website. For other benefits, these are some of them.

  • You can easily send message from the inbox in your portal. This is like the app of email. You do not need to open the web and login first. Once you open the app, you will get the inbox folder.
  • You will get notification when receiving new message. It enables you to reply and respond the message as soon as possible. It will be helpful in case you want to have conversation through the message.

Surely, Corrlink becomes useful portal for you and your relative. Both families and inmates can easily communicate without restriction of time and location. Moreover, many features and benefits are possible to get. You only need to access corrlinks login, and then get the full access of this portal.