Ford Oasis Login – How to Access Ford Direct Login Portal at

Ford Oasis Login | Ford is a well-established auto producer. Its products are distributed to every part of the world. People trust its brand since the manufacturer always comes up with high quality automotive products with cutting edge functions. In order to ensure that its daily operations run successfully, you can expect this company to employ many workers. It developed a system called Ford Oasis Login to manage all employees who are located in its offices around the globe.

This online system is not only utilized by the company’s staff members. Dealers who market Ford products also utilize it for various reasons. The online platform helps personnel members and dealers performing their job’s tasks more efficiently. In addition to that, they will be more involved with the information circulation within the big corporation.

Aren’t you curious to learn more about this system? If you are a company’s employee or dealer, you will find information found in this article to be very useful.

How to Access to Ford Oasis Login?

Here are the steps to login the platform for both employee and dealer.

  • Visit the official website at
  • Read through the portal’s terms and condition.
  • Type in your account ID that you obtained from the HR
  • Type in your account’s password. Please note that the bars for account ID and password are case sensitive
  • Tap on login button
  • You can finally utilize all functions offered in the website

Resetting Password on the Ford Oasis Login

You may want to change password given by the HR office to something that you can easily remember. In other cases, you may also forget your password and fail to login to your account. If so, there are ways to change your password. You can follow these steps to do it.

  • Access the official website at
  • Tap on a link to allow you resetting the password using Q&A
  • Type in your registered account ID
  • Click on “Submit”
  • You will receive some security questions that you choose during the registration process. If you manage to solve the questions, you can reset your password.

Contact Information of Ford Company

You can contact the company to get its latest information through the website at This website allows people to leave feedback for the company. You can also contact the company’s customer service during work days from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on 800-392-3673. Social media is also a nice way to contact the company. Meanwhile, employee and dealer can utilize FMC Dealer Login for this purpose.

Background Story of Ford Corporation

The company was founded by Henry Ford who established its first base in Dearborn, Michigan. Its first product was called Quadricycle. Ford and his team developed this auto product from 1896 to 1903. It had four wheels and engine that produced 4 horsepower. Twelve investors were interested in the product and investing on the establishment of this company.

When the first location had been fully established, this company started to produce their first product for big market in 1914. It was the first time a car produced massively. Consumers showed positive response toward the product offered by this manufacturer. Therefore, Ford was able to continue developing new products and thus growing its small company to a mega corporation it is today.

As year goes by, Ford started to expand its production. It even released an airplane with three motors back in 1925. Its airline production is less known to public than the carline, but it is still going until today. By 2010, the number of its employees was already 164,000. It acquired smaller automotive companies over the years too which further lead to vast expansion of its business.

What Can You Gain from Accessing the Login Portal?

Ford’s workers and dealers have no reason for not accessing login system provided by the company. It is designed to make their work life a whole lot easier. You will be able to relay your needs to the company and it will be able to monitor workers more efficiently. Furthermore, this system is accessible from any part of the world as long as you have a fully functioning device and internet connection.

To illustrate the advantages of this platform better, you may want to take a look at these following points.

  1. Task Management

You can work on your daily tasks in this platform. It is especially useful since your data would be automatically saved by the company’s system. You can also show it to your supervisor easily. The login system is highly secured. In addition to do daily tasks, you can also plan your work in this portal. It will give your reminder if a task has not been performed yet.

  1. Information of New Job Posts

Do you plan moving up the corporation ladder? Or do you have family members and friends who are looking for employments? In this portal, you will be able to get the latest information about new job posts that exist within the company. The job requirements and descriptions are also posted on the page. If you are interested, you can easily apply for the job.

  1. Checking Salary

Days when employee had to check their bank account to see if they had received their salary has passed. Through this platform, employee is able to monitor it from their own gadget. You will be able to see how much you earn that month as well as detail breakdown of that number. You can see the amount deducted from your salary for taxes too.

  1. Employee Schedule

With this login portal, you will be able to check your working schedule. That way, the chance of missing work due to sudden schedule change would be lower. If you are working on shift system, you will be able to exchange shift with your colleague a whole lot easier with it. Through the login platform, you can also check whether your attendance has been recorded.

  1. Benefit Programs Management

Ford provides various benefit programs for its employees in addition to basic salary that employees will receive every month. You will be able to manage benefits offered by the company through your login portal. Here are several functions related to benefit programs that you can perform on your login account as the employee of this company.

  • Applying for study scholarship from the company.
  • Making financial planning with retirement benefit offered.
  • Applying for trainings to improve skills in various fields.
  • Monitoring the insurance program and claiming (when needed).
  • Getting in touch with counselors to discuss work and family life issues.

What to Prepare Before Logging into the Account?

Before accessing the platform, you must prepare several things. If you are missing one thing from the list that will be discussed in the following part, you may encounter issues during the login process.

  1. Desktop Computer

Employee or dealer is recommended to use computer, at least when accessing the account for the first time because there might be some setups that must be done. You will be able to navigate various functions easily since the website presentation on computer screen would be more holistic.

  1. Browser

You must ensure that your browser is updated regularly when accessing the website. All plug ins must be in their latest versions too to ensure smooth sailing process.

  1. Internet Connection

The internet connection that you use must be steady and fast enough so that the website would be loaded easily. If not, you might not be able to login to your account.

  1. Login Credentials

You should have login credentials (account ID and password) to login to the platform. This information can be obtained from the company human resource office. Every employee or dealer has their own ID and password.