KPPay Login – Guideline to Acces Kaiser Permanente Login Portal

Kaiser Permanente login is something everyone should know, whether it is for the employees of the company or for other people in general. If you are taking care about your health quite well, Kaiser Permanente must be something familiar for you. Yes, it is the number one provider of a lot of services related to health and well-being. Read more about it down below,

The Company at a Glance

Kaiser Permnante is a provider of healthcare service. They have been around for decades because it was first established in 1945. The main goal of the company is to give the best health-related service to everyone with no exception.

What You Can Do with KPPay Account?

Why you need to make the account to explore the service of Kaiser Permanente. The account is called KPPay Account. Using this account, there are a lot of things that you can do. Some of them are listed here:

  1. Checking Balance

You can check your balance using the account. To pay for the service of the company, you need to fill your account with money and then the money will be used anytime you need the company’s service. Check the balance on the account.

  1. Paying for Healthcare Service

Instead of using cash, use the account to pay the service you just have used from the company. It is simpler, quicker, and you do not need to frantically looking for cash whenever you need to pay the service.

  1. Checking Payment History

Anytime you need to see the payment history you have made with the Kaiser Company, you can read them all on the account. Everything is recorded so that you can check it anytime you want.

  1. Printing Transaction Details

If you need to print the transaction details for insurance claims or everything else, you can do it with ease using the account. All you need to do is getting to the account, select the transaction details, and then print them.

  1. Paying Insurance Automatically

Kaiser also provides service to pay for insurance. If you have the insurance connected to the Kaiser service, pay the monthly bill of the insurance automatically using the account.

Making New KPPay Account

This is the tutorial to make general account for public, not for the Kaiser Permanente employee login. To make the KPPay account, you are going to need a device connected to the internet for sure. Then, do these steps:

  1. Open the Website

Type on the address bar to open the website. After that, click enter to proceed the login process.

  1. Click “Registration”

On the top of the page, select “Registration”. This is the section to create a new account for new users.

  1. Select Your Area

Now you need to select your area. Make sure your area is listed on the options. If they are not there, contact the customer service of Kaiser.

  1. Fill in the Form

There will be form appears on the screen. Fill it with your personal information and everything else that required there, including email address and password. Make sure everything is legit and complete.

  1. Click “Continue”

Click the continue button to proceed.

Login Tutorial to Kaiser Permanente login

Using KPPay means you have to do Kaiser Permanente login. You have created the account, based on the tutorial on the previous section above, and now you can use that particular account to enter the KPPay account of yours. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Website

Open the website of KPPay login.

  1. Enter Email Address and Password

Enter the email address and then followed by password of yours.

  1. Select “Login”

Select the button “login”

Using “One Time Payment” Feature

KPPay has a lot of features. Besides of the Kaiser Permanente employee login for those working there, you can also enjoy the feature of One Time Payment. This is the feature for those who do not want to bother making an account.

  1. Open the Website

Just like the other services, start everything by typing in the address of the website to the browser. Then, press enter to load the website.

  1. Select “One Time Payment”

Go to the top of the page and find “One Time Payment”. Click that option.

  1. Select “Region”

Now, pick the region or area where you are living. If you are living in USA, your area should be easily covered by the company.

  1. Complete the Form

When a form appears, fill it with the needed information.

  1. Choose the Payment Method

Now, it is time to select the payment method. Credit card is included as one of the most available options.

  1. Inform the Amount of Money

Write down the amount of money you need to pay for the transaction.

  1. Select “Confirm”

When everything is set, select “confirm” and then continue to print the payment.

  1. Print the Payment

To print the payment, select the printer button on the page. Then, enter your email address. The file of the payment will be sent to your email address. From there, it can be printed with ease.

Password Recovery on KPPay Account

One of the worst things that can happen to your KPPay account is not being able to access it because you have forgotten your password. Can this problem get solved? Absolutely you can. Here’s how you can recover or change your password:

  1. Open the Website

As usual, open the website of KPPay account login.

  1. Select “Forgot Your Password”

Below the login box, notice the “Forgot Your Password” option. This is the section to click when you forgot the password.

  1. Enter Email Address

Make sure you do not forget your email address. You need to type it in right now.

  1. Open Your Email

Open the email of yours. Check the email from KPPay. There will be link attached to the email. This is the link to reset the password.

  1. Click on the Sent Link

Click on that sent link. Then, follow the instructions. It should help you to reset the password and login again to the KPPay account with ease.

Contacting Kaiser Permanente Customer Service

As a customer, of course you have the right to contact the customer service of Kaiser Permanente, just in case you have some questions to ask. Here’s how to contact the customer service officers of the company.

  1. The Customer Support Numbers

Kaiser Permanente has several customer support numbers to call. They are 866-278-9502 (for public) and 800-731-4661 (for employee).

  1. The Mailing Address

If you like to send letters, mail those letters to the company’s mailing address. It is at Ordway Building, Kaiser Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612, USA.

  1. Social Media Access

For those who tend to choose using social media to contact the customer service, Kaiser Permanente can be contacted on their Instagram (@kpthrive), Facebook (@kpthrive), Twitter (@kpthrive), YouTube (Kaiser Permanente Thrive), and Pintrest (

Now that you know basically everything about My Kaiser login, you can consider using the service from now on. There are a lot of benefits of using the service of Kaiser Permanente. You can check on your health condition, paying for health insurance, and basically connecting yourself to a lot of professional medic staff. That is why you should use the service.