Mr. Cooper Login – How to Login on Mr Cooper Mortgage

Mr. Cooper Login | Mr. Cooper or formerly known as Nationstar Mortgage is among the biggest mortgage loan providers in the country. It was founded in Dallas, Texas back in 1994. The company has served more than two million customers since its establishment. It has received award for its exceptional service. The mortgage company plans to continue enhancing its service. Nationstar Mortgage login is an online tool developed by the company as a part of its customer service improvement.

How to Access Mr. Cooper Login Page

Before you can utilize Mr Cooper login, you need to create the login accounts first. This service is provided for customers whose names already registered in the company’s database.

Here are the steps to sign up for this online tool.

  • Access the company’s website at
  • Click “Create an account” button
  • Fill necessary credentials such as Loan Number, Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number, and ZIP code
  • Click “Find Loan” and the company will verify your account
  • Fill in basic information such as name, email address, contact information, and so on
  • Click “Continue”
  • The company’ system will send verification email to your email address and after you click the link, your account is done

Well, for you who already created the accounts can immediately use features in Mr Cooper Login. To sign into the accounts, you can follow these steps.

  • Access the company’s website at
  • Fill in registered username and password
  • Click “Sign In”
  • You will be signed into your account and access Cooper Mortgage Login features

The most common issue in the signing in process is customer forgetting their password. In this case, click “Forget Password?” under the password box. You will be directed to Reset Password page. You are then asked to fill in your username and verification. An email will be sent to you in order to set up new password. After obtaining a new password, you can follow the steps mentioned above and access the account.

This home loan lending company understands that customers will not always able to reach the company’s website from their desktops all the time. In order to ensure that customers can access the company’s services anywhere and anytime, Mr. Cooper Login application for mobile devices like smartphone and tablet is developed. You are able to manage your accounts through phones instantly. Here are the steps to install the mobile application for you with Android device.

  • Pick Google Play Store menu in your phone application.
  • Enter “Mr. Cooper” or “Nationstar” on the search bar.
  • Choose Mr. Cooper Mobile application. Make sure that the application that you click is the official one.
  • Click “Install” and wait for the installation process to be completed.
  • Open the installed application on your phone once finished.
  • Register a new account or simply sign in if you already have one.

The Android application for Mr. Cooper Mortgager Login is equipped with features like payment, checking loan balance, summary of other important loan details such as time for next payment. You can get estimated values of properties in the application. You who experience issues with mortgages are also allowed easy access of the company’s support through the application.

There is an optional Fingerprint Authentication for easy and fast access to customers’ accounts, depending on the technology of customers’ phones. Customers with Apple phones do not need to worry as the application is available on App Store. Here are the steps to install this mobile application for customers with iOS Apple phones.

  • Access App Store in your phone.
  • Type “Mr. Cooper” or “Nationstar” on the App Store search bar.
  • Pick Mr. Cooper Mobile application. Make sure that the application that you click is the latest version from its list.
  • Install the mobile application and wait for the download process to finish.
  • Access the application from home menu after download is completed.
  • Sign into your account or register a new account if you have not own one.

Mr. Cooper Login application in iOS Apple phones is also equipped with features that can be found in the Android features like easy payment, loan details, checking FICO score for primary borrowers, and customer support.

Customers can easily modify their automatic payment settings including additional payment amounts, accounts, and payment dates. In addition, the application also allows fast and easy signing in process with optional Touch ID and Face ID. If you experience issue with this online tool or you want to get the company’s services, you can contact it through several platforms.

Just call this mortgage company’s customer service from Monday to Saturday at phone number 888-480-232. As alternative, you can also send emails to the company’s official email address.

For your information, there are so many benefits that you can received by using Nationstar Mortgage Login. Well, this tool is developed with a hope that customers can gain more control of their own mortgages. You are able to make payments on time, check the loan balance, and receive customer support in timely manner. Make your own account immediately to reap those benefits!

Nationstar Mortgage Login Mobile for Managing the Mortgage Easily

Many companies provide mortgage and related services, but Mr. Cooper Nationstar becomes your top choice for specific reasons. You do not have to visit its office or branches as the company provides Nationstar Mortgage login mobile.

As you know, this login feature is a part of mobile app. The company understands what customers want and need then it develops mobile app to support the payment. This app is available on many devices, such as Android and iPhone.

Before exploring more about Nationstar Mortgage mobile login, you need to know more about Mr. Cooper Nationstar. Well, mortgage is home loan to purchase new house or expand the fund using home as guarantee.

When you take mortgage, there is payment each month that needs to be paid until the period is done. Based on recent data, Nationstar has three millions customers with satisfied remark for company service. Obtaining those clients or customers is not easy job. Mr. Cooper Nationstar has to fit with mortgage industry due to changing regulation and technology. The latter is the reason why mobile app is necessary.

Today, most of users access internet via smartphone. In this situation, mobile app is far more useful to help customer than website-based login. There are some advantages when using mobile app to manage mortgage.

Firstly, you will know easily when the date of payment. In app, you will also see payment record and invoice from recent to past time. It is very convenient because you can access it anywhere and anytime you want. Moreover, customers surely have their own activity. They might be on journey or vacation then cannot go to nearby branch. In this case, they just need to open Nationstar mobile app then check the payment info.

Before using Nationstar Mortgage login mobile, you need to install it at your smartphone. It is available for majority system on smartphone market. If you use Android, visit Play Store. Go to search area then type Nationstar. The application will appear immediately. After that, you just tap for installation process. Wait until the installation is done then you can login using fingerprint.

Do not forget to put username and password as identification. For iPhone, this app is available at App Store. The steps are similar to Android that you only need to go to App Store then start the installation process. This mobile app on playstore has the size about 15MB. Many customers already install it then give top five-star for rating. Therefore, this app is a proof as the best at all.

Managing payment is the basic function of Nationstar mobile app. You can check the balance, subsequent payment, and even download the report. You can also choose payment method in single swipe. This app provides option to pay automatically when the mortgage is at due time. You can connect your bank account directly to this app then the payment will start automatically. Besides, it also gives some information related to mortgage scores.

From those functions, you understand why Mr. Cooper Nationstar develops this app. Well, everything is created to make sure customers get the utmost service at all. Downloading and installation process is easy and simple. If you have problem on Nationstar Mortgage login mobile, customer service will be ready to help at 1-888-480-2432.

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