The Most Famous Hangouts Place in Jakarta

Jakarta is the largest metropolitan city in Southeast Asia. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has a very extraordinary appeal, both from Indonesians themselves and from outsiders. The huge potential in the capital city of Jakarta makes this city with a population of more than 10 million people like a ‘beautiful girl’ who becomes a struggle.

Now, if we are now discussing a place to hangout in Jakarta that is suitable for us to make a location for hangouts.
There are lots of hangout places in Jakarta that can be used as hangouts with friends, colleagues or even couples. Here are some list of places to hangout that we recommend, there are cheap, classy, ​​free wifi and delicious dishes.

5 Hangout Places in Jakarta

Recommended hangouts in Jakarta that you can visit:


The first hangout spot in Jakarta is Southbox. Southbox has become a popular hangout and is now one of the trends of young people in Jakarta.

Southbox itself has just opened, but because it has an attractive appearance and is designed for young people to gather and its culinary offerings are very diverse.

The building which consists of two floors is made of recycled container boxes which are then colored with attractive colors. This building is made as if it surrounds a semi-outdoor area, with a number of dining tables and chairs neatly arranged in the middle of the area and also on the second floor.

The menu varies from chicken noodles, durian soup, to coffee that is popular with young people. At certain times there are also various unique events such as live music to interesting competitions. If you want to stop by, Southbox is located at Jalan Prapanca Raya No. 18, South Jakarta.


The second hangout spot in Jakarta is the newly opened Jakarta Lenggang, which is on May 22, 2015. Lenggang Jakarta provides a variety of delicious culinary offerings so that it becomes one of the locations for hanging out young children.

The exact location of Lenggang Jakarta is near the parking lot of IRTI Monas. The hawker center that is promoted by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government looks bright with red color and attractive attributes.

At Jakarta’s Lenggang culinary center, there are more than 329 merchants who present their best culinary that you can try. In addition to culinary traders, in Lenggang Jakarta there are also sellers of accessories to culinary smells of Jakarta.


The next hangout in Jakarta is the Santa market. Santa Market provides a variety of delicious and cheap culinary. Santa’s market location is in South Jakarta, there are unique foods and drinks such as black hot dogs, to colorful ice cream on the 1st floor of Santa Market.

Santa Market is also a gathering place for young communities in the capital. One of the highlights is Post Santa, who often holds book discussions, writing, and even discusses various topics about traveling.


Jalan Sabang becomes a hangout in Jakarta which is always crowded with young people, its location in central Jakarta. Jalan Sabang is also known as a place for backpackers in Indonesia. Street food here is very popular, especially at night, this area is very crowded.

Along Jalan Sabang you can find a variety of culinary starting from fried rice, porridge, chicken noodles, satay Padang, to martabak, all can be tried on Jalan Sabang. In addition to street food, there are plenty of fun coffee shops on Jalan Sabang.

No wonder that Jalan Sabang is one of the places to hangout in Jakarta, which is always crowded, even by foreign tourists.


Warung Nagih is a hangout in South Jakarta that you can’t miss. The unique name of the Nagih stall is one of its main attractions and is very easy to remember, of course.

There are many foods served at Warung Nagih, such as toast, bananas, maryam bread, pasta. Uniquely, every 3 months Warung Nagih will launch a new menu for its visitors. This is done so that travelers who come to Warung Nagih can always find new things to enjoy so they don’t get bored.

The location of Warung Nagih is on Jl Tendean Kav 41, South Jakarta, the location is right before the fly over. The opening hours start at 16:00 WIB until it closes until midnight.

Well that’s 5 famous hangout places in Jakarta. There are still many other places that you can find in Jakarta. For other place ideas you can read on