Tips for Choosing a Good Charger

When you charge your cellphone, does the battery take a long time to fully? or when charging it makes the battery get hot?

It could be because the charger you are using has a problem. Below are a few easy tips so that we are not fooled by a fake charger that is sold cheap, let’s discuss it.

An error in choosing a mobile charger can cause the battery to not be full even if it has been recharged for a long time. Therefore, we need accuracy in choosing a brand to get a good quality cell phone charger.

So how do you find a good cell phone charger? The number of cheap charger options on the market forces us to be smart before buying it, which is knowing tips on choosing the best quality cell phone charger brand.

If you want a charger that can quickly charge an Android cellphone, don’t be tempted easily at the cheapest price. A desktop charger that does not meet mobile specifications will damage the components of the Android mobile device that we have.

How to Choose a Good Quality HP Charger

The best way to choose a charger for your cellphone is to find a charger that has a real amplifier. To find the amp charger directly, we can use the help of an Android application which we can download for free on Google Playstore.

Reporting from the Samsung Nano Store site, we can use the Charger Tester application to find out real-time charging information. Below is an example of a visualization of the results of a site that verifies the ampere of a mobile charger used by the application.

From the information on the desktop loader written 2A, the results of the Charger Tester application test shows 1500mA or 1.5A. If the phone charger is good, the true value can get closer.

If we want to choose a good quality HP charger, you must choose a desktop charger that meets specifications and is able to compensate for the batteries we use.

No doubt, the size of the price will be comparable to the quality of the mobile charger that will be provided. Look for a cell phone charger brand with the best reputation and guarantee for every charger purchase.

Because if we use a cell phone charger that has poor quality for a long time, it actually makes the cell phone can not be charged fully charged.

In this case, we provide good recommendations for cell phone chargers, such as Samsung HP chargers, Xiaomi HP chargers.

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