Tips for Choosing Original iPhone Charger

Tips for Choosing Original iPhone Charger certainly needs more accuracy. The number of chargers is different in the market.

With a variety of brands and different qualities can be confusing us. For that to find a good quality charger for our cellphones is not easy. If we are not careful before buying

Do not just buy a charger for your smartphone, even though it is not necessarily able to be durable. Good for the charger itself, and the danger can also damage components on your cellphone later.

A good charger is also not necessarily suitable for smartphones. For example we buy the type of Quick Charger, but the Smartphone does not yet support it. The result also remains the same, charging the battery will be long.

Then how to choose a good quality charger for your iPhone?

Before buying a new charger, first identify the way of working and standard mobile phone chargers in circulation, especially in Indonesia. What is the function of the charger actually? charge the handphone battery, yes that is the main function.

But what is meant here is a deeper function. Which has the feature of reducing and changing the electric current from PLN.

In Indonesia which has a 220V voltage standard. If you pay attention, the charger will have information like the picture above

The charger picture above shows the current input and output that the charger is capable of. To choose a good mobile charger, you can pay attention to references such as the information listed on the charger.

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Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz

Which means, this cellphone charger is able to work with 100V to 240V. Because in Indonesia PLN uses the 220V standard. This charger can be used between these numbers, and may not exceed 240V if it exceeds the charger will be damaged.

While the frequency shows approximately 50 to 60Hz (Hertz). Which means the charger can be used in the frequency of 50Hz to 60Hz. Whereas the standard PLN frequency works at 50Hz, so the charger is arguably meeting the criteria.

Output: 5V-2000mA / maH (milliampere Hour)

From this information, we can deduce the voltage that has been changed. From the 220V input becomes 5V and the current becomes around 2000mA.

By knowing the specifications in the charger. Then how do you find out if the charger that we are going to buy is compatible with a cellphone? To fit, we also need to know the specifications of the batteries in our cellphones.
Inside the battery is usually written 3.7V which means the minimum voltage to the handphone. In order to charge the battery and amperage capacity, marked as an example 2600mA.

So, when we have a cellphone with a 3.7V-2600mAh battery capacity. Those on the charger using a 5V-2000mAh charger will be much faster charging. Instead of using a charger with 5V-1000mAh. This is where the role of amperes (mA) determines the speed of refill.

greater the amperage (mA) value of the charger, the better? Not really, because there are also mobile phones that will actually experience excessive heat. When in charge use a charger that has a large mA. This is because over voltage can shorten battery life.

To find out if the charger you choose has real amperage. You can use the Ampere application, especially for android phones. With the application that you can download from Play Store, you can find out charging information. The test results that I tried produced the following information.

From the information above, use a fake charger for 40,000. What is written 2A, seen from the information above shows 1500mA or 1.5A. It should be close to the real value if the charger is good.

From the brief explanation above, we can conclude to choose a good quality HP charger. Choose according to the specifications that are able to compensate and suitable for your mobile.

Good quality is of course also worth the price. Choose a charger brand that has a good reputation, and a clear warranty. As I have also discussed, in the best fast charging brand articles, low prices to premium class

Or for you who want to look cooler can use a wireless charger type charger. For more details I’ve discussed in the article about wireless chargers here

Problems that often occur related to the charger are

Charging the battery take very long time.
This problem can be caused by the amperage value in the charger is too small and a large battery capacity. Other problems can be caused by a USB cable. To complete, you can try to replace a good USB cable

Mobile touch screen errors run alone when on the charger
Conditions like this, occur because the voltage of the charger is too large or can also be too small. Not stable so it causes the mobile screen to run alone. Try replacing with another adapter to overcome it.

That’s the reference that you can apply when you buy a cellphone charger. In order to get good quality and truly compatible with your smartphone.